......Rico Fonseca the Artist of Greenwich Village

........Rico has an outdoor gallery on the corner 3rd street and Mcdougal in New York City. He has been at this location for over thirty years and his work has become quite popular. Rico lives and works in New York City. His unique style of painting and drawing reflex's his experience's and his deep Imagination. Rico creates images of life and his experiences.

........Rico Fonseca was born in Peru to an impoverish Family, his father was a carpenter and his mother was seamstress. He came from a very poor village in Peru. When he was a very small boy his Mother died.
Rico was little different then the other boys he would stay home and draw when most boys his age would be outside paying. He talked about worldly subjects and drew pictures when ever he could.

........ Reco and his father did not get along, so Rico ran away from his home and lived in the streets of Peru. He made a living drawing pictures for tourist that would sit in the cafe's. Rico learned English by listening to tourist and watching American movies.

........When Rico was 18 years old he decided to visit a friend in the United States. He arranged for his visa and Hitch Hiked 2500 miles up through South American into the USA. He lived in California for a year and then moved to New York.

During the 60's Greenwich Village was very popular for artists and musicians to work and live. Many famous people got their start in the village. Rico decided that Greenwich Village was a good place to sell his work and his art became very popular. He has made posters , Painted murals on buildings, and created hundreds of original works of art to sell.

Most nice days Reco sells his work at his corner and if your in the neighborhood stop by and say hi, He would love to here from you.

Below is a Video Documentary Cilp About Rico Fonseca