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The American Road Journal is a collection of stories from across the United States. My name is Richard Paterson and I have embarked on a journey to explore this great country of ours.

My mission is to document life as it is today and share the stories of my exploration. I have created the American Road Journal a video documentary series and multimedia web site.

The stories are diverse and cover many different aspects of local culture, news events and scenic locations around our country. From the back woods to the big cities there are many things to discover. The stories are about people doing what they do best, just being themselves. It's not hard to find dynamic characters

Sometimes just standing in line at a store you'll meet someone that has a interesting job or maybe a intriguing hobby. Not all the stories are planed sometimes we just let the road leed us.

This diverse country has an endless supply of stories so join us on the road without leaving your house. Watch these wonderful stories of Amercan culture on the American Road Journal.